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World of Flashpoint is Tier 6 playable content that contains the open world zone Flashpoint Gotham City with daily and weekly missions, the duo FP: Queen’s Row Penitentiary, the alert FP: The Royal War, the raid FP: Flashtastic Voyage and the raid FP: Flash to the Future.

Episode 40: World of Flashpoint was released on April 15th, 2021. Access to World of Flashpoint is available to all players for free.


"Time to fix the Flashpoint paradox! The meddled timeline is what I'd expect from Professor Zoom, who has conveniently gone missing. Get ready to team up with the Cyborg and Oracle from the Flashpoint world. I've got us a new ally from that world too: Batman. Same dark and brooding, but definitely a different guy under the cowl. Be careful around him." — The Flash
"Time to fix the Flashpoint world before their paradox spills into ours. I'm sorry, but I think Professor Zoom is behind this, and we need your help taking him in. Cyborg and Oracle from the Flashpoint world have offered their assistance. And uh, watch yourself around the Batman from that world. He's not the, uh... friendliest to villains." — The Flash

Flashpoint Gotham City[]

Queen's Row Penitentiary[]

Something isn't quite right with the Queen's Row Penitentiary, a floating prison above Flashpoint Gotham. Team up with Flashpoint Cyborg and Flashpoint Batman to find out what's going on.

The Royal War[]

Flashpoint Batman has a strategy for dealing with the Royal War: break the impasse by taking away the superweapon of Atlantis and the super-shield of New Themyscira. If he's right, that will be enough to convince his true target to reveal himself. You and the Flash are going to help.

Flashtastic Voyage[]

Flashpoint Cyborg thinks that the source of the chaos lies in the 31st Century, and needs a team to help track down the lead.

Flash to the Future[]

With the realization that you were in Kid Flash's nightmare perpetuated by Brainiac, find and confront Brainiac to put an end to this!


The combat rating of the enemies is 339.




In order to get the maximum item level of 293 (purple), 291 (blue) or 289 (green) from attuned gear the player character needs to have a minimum combat rating of 333 (purple), 332 (blue) or 331 (green).


Flashpoint Gotham City[]




4-Player Operation[]




Briefings and Investigations[]



Base Items[]



  • With the release of this episode the attuned gear from The Vault in the Psycho style has been upgraded from item level 10-270 by 10 levels. The maximum currently is at 280.
  • Origin Augments are now maxed out at 297.
  • Merely v40.0 and v40.1 Generator Mods drop from episode content. These can be used to build stronger mods through the process of Research and Development. R&D Plans are available at the episode vendor.





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