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No Man's Land is a Computer Server that players can use to access DC Universe Online.

One of 26 individual Game Worlds to choose from, this world is a PvP Server for the PS3, covering the United States.

Officially opened to players on January 11th, 2011, following mid-August, 2011, this world was integrated into the larger MegaServers and was henceforth cut from the game.



  • The concept of multiple "duplicate-worlds" for players to exist in is a common strategy in modern Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games. It serves to lighten the strain a massive player population would have on the technology used to keep the game operating.
  • No Man's Land is a prominent storyline in the Batman mythos where the United States Government isolates Gotham City from civilization for an entire year.
  • Server Emblems were issued to players as compensation following the move from individual Servers to MegaServers on mid-August, 2011. These emblems represent whichever individual server the player was using before the move.

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