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During a routine attempt to commune with a normally docile spirit, Doctor Fate has been attacked by wrathful entities! Help him complete the ritual and investigate the source of the corruption.

With a Vengeance is a Tier 2 8-player operation for heroes who have reached a combat rating of 60.


Act 1[]

  • Speak with Doctor Fate.
  • Defend Doctors Fate's summoning ritual.
  • Defeat Avenging Spirit Guicidus.

Act 2[]

  • Travel to Ellsworth Memorial Hospital.
  • Destroy Avenging Spirits (Count: 14).
  • Destroy Avenging Spirits to lure out Wraith of Vengeance.
  • Defeat Wraith of Vengeance.

Act 3[]

  • Travel to Metrodome Area.
  • Break spell on Avenging Stingers (Count: 14).
  • Break spell on Avenging Stingers to lure out Vengeance Bee.
  • Defeat Vengeance Bee.

Act 4[]

  • Travel to Condemned Shipyard.
  • Defeat Avenging Atlanteans near Ankh to counter vengeance spell (Count: 14).
  • Continue counterspell on Avenging Atlanteans to lure out Revengewalker.
  • Defeat Shadowman known as Revengewalker.

Act 5[]

  • Travel to Glenorgan Square area.
  • Use Doctor Fate's Ankh to force Eclipso from Shadows.
  • Defeat Eclipso.


  • Wraith of Vengeance
  • Vengeance Bee
  • Revengewalker
  • Eclipso