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The Wicked Shillelagh is a Staff weapon that is only available during the St. Patrick's Day Seasonal Event.

A shillelagh is a wooden walking stick and club that is associated with Ireland and Irish folklore. It is typically made from a stout knotty stick with a large knob at the top and was named after the Shillelagh Forest in County Wicklow where the majority of Ireland's wood is exported from.

Obtained from[]

The Wicked Shillelagh is a random drop that appears only during the St. Patrick's Day Seasonal Event.


  • This item can not be salvaged for parts at R&D stations.
  • The shillelagh is considered to be a badge of honor for those who carried one.
  • The shillelagh was originally used for settling disputes in a gentlemanly manner—like pistols in colonial America, or the katana in Japan. Modern practitioners of bataireacht study the use of the shillelagh as a martial art.


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