Formerly an agent for Ra's al Ghul, Ra's gave Whisper a serum that granted her immortality and the ability to shapeshift into a snake. Partnered with Kyle Abbott, officially as her bodyguard, when Batman tried to free her from Ra's, Whisper refuses his help and disappears.

Whisper resurfaces following the Infinite Crisis with the formal role of a manager for HSC International Banking, a company connected with Intergang. Confronted by the Question and ex-police officer Renee Montoya, she is able to flee without giving away details of her current mission.

In Kahndaq, Whisper is revealed as the leader of the Cult of Cain. Using her powers, Whisper brainwashes kidnapped children into being Intergang operatives. Whisper is once again confronted by Montoya and the Question, and, with the arrival of Black Adam and Isis, Whisper flees.

She resurfaces several weeks later in Gotham, helping Bruno Mannheim fathom the secrets of the "Bible of Crime".

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  • When both hero and villain players go through the Gotham sewers to get to a mysterious warehouse in pursuit of the Crime Bible, they witness Batwoman getting captured. After the players defeat Kyle Abbott and Whisper A'Daire, Calculator/Oracle sends the players some possible locations on where to find Bruno Mannheim.


  • Whisper first appeared in Detective Comics #743 (April 2000).
  • Whisper is voiced by Jenny Larson.
  • Whisper's serum allows her to create men who have the ability to shapeshift into different animals. Usually, Whisper uses her mind control powers to force them to obey her orders. Whisper also has taken a serum that would enable her to become a snake and/or a half-snake creature.
  • Whisper is actually over 90 years old.


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