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What's In The Box? is a side mission accessible once the level 13 Lunatic Fringe is started.

This missions is started by talking to Detective Preston at the door after the hallway, along with Sergeant Reeves who starts Cops Behind Bars. Finishing it is required in order to get the Oh, I Get It feat which is worth 25 Points.

It take place in the Joker's Funhouse. The objective of the mission is to save the police officers inside the presents inside the Funhouse on your way to Harley Quinn to save Robin which is your main quest. Be careful because police officers are not the only thing that can come out of the presents. Sometimes, if and when you're unlucky, you'll get an explosive Jokandroid or a Joker Dawg instead, with the former being especially dangerous.


Free captured GCPD officers from booby-trapped presents.

  • Unwrap Trapped Cops (0/3)