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Welcome to the Watchtower is a level 9 mission for heroes.


"The Justice League has given you access to the Watchtower, where the world's heroes unite in the fight against villainy. Report to the (depends on mentor) Meta/Tech/Magic Wing immediately!"


"Oracle here. Great news! All your good work has made a difference. YOU are invited to the Watchtower! The Justice League officially invites you up to our satellite HQ. Get to the nearest teleporter, and I'll show you around." — Oracle
  • Use the Teleporter in the nearest Police Station to report to the Meta/Tech/Magic Wing in the Watchtower.
  • Locate and access the General Information Console in the Meta/Tech/Magic Wing.
  • Access the Vendor Information Console located near the General Information Console
  • Locate the Meta/Tech/Magic Wing Bank by the Meta/Tech/Magic Wing entrance
  • Exit the Wing and locate the Central Hub
  • Access the Console in the Central Hub
  • Access the Console in the Monitor Womb
  • Locate the War Room below the Meta Wing entrance
  • Access the Console in the War Room
  • Exit the War Room and return to the Central Hub to locate the Meta Wing entrance
  • Locate the entrance to the Reactor Core
  • Access the Console in the Reactor Core
  • Locate the Tech Wing for access to the Hangar
  • Locate the Hangar
  • Access the Console in the Hangar
  • Exit through the side entrance in the Meta Wing and locate the Aquacultural Area
  • Access the Console in the Aquacultural Area
  • Exit the Aquacultural Area and continue to the Meta/Tech/Magic Wing Teleporter


  • This mission is not required for access to Watchtower.
  • Players are not required to use the Teleporters - they could use the "Warp HQ" option on the map interface.
  • While it is possible to access the consoles before, it must be accessed at the point of the mission to count.
  • Players are not required to use banks, just enter the area. Note that the banks are in floor below the consoles.
  • Accessing the console in the Monitor Womb and the Aqua grants 627 xp each. Exiting the Aquacultural Area grants 2867 xp - it also automatically completes the mission without need of reaching Teleporters.
  • Sometimes (for the reactor core part, for example) the X mission marks does not mark the location where you should go, but rather a mid-way point - it is likely made to prevent new players getting stuck due to a straight direction.