Mark Mardon escaped from prison and went to his brother for help. When his brother declined and attempted to call the police, Mark used an experimental weapon his brother had invented to kill him. He found that the wand could control the weather and decided to don a costume and become the Weather Wizard. He has recently been seen performing his weather related feats without the use of his wand, though the extent of his power is unknown. He joined The Rogues and has become a primary villain of The Flash.

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In the alternate timeline where, thanks to the efforts of Lex Luthor, Brainiac is in the process of subjugating the planet, Eclipso, the Trickster, Weather Wizard and Clayface are employed by Luthor to attack the small group of collective heroes and villains he had gathered to fight against Brainiac in a scheme to gain their trust by arriving to thwart the villains’ attack.

After the scheme is successful and the collective departs, Luthor frees and vaporizes the four villains.

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  • Weather Wizard made his first appearance in The Flash #110 (December 1959).


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