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War with the Corps is a level 21 mission started upon talking to Recruiter Drisch for Green Lantern's Light.

Join the Green Lantern Corps' junior recruits against the Sinestro Corps members in the Historic District.


"This is Superman. I'm glad to see you've joined the fight against Sinestro. According to Green Lantern, whatever's disrupting their power rings is here in Metropolis. Until they find it, it's up to us to take out Sinestro's vanguard and help the Corps. Their rings draw on pure willpower. See if you can lend some of yours." — Superman
  • Join Green Lantern Corps at the War Zone
  • Defeat the Shock Troopers (0/10) (1344 xp)
  • Rescue and Protect the Green Lantern Corps Recruits (0/5)
"The Sinestro's Corps yellow powers draw on the power of fear much like the Green Lantern rings draw on willpower. They're not friendly guys. Aaaand it looks like they're all zeroing in on City Hall, I'm updating your map." — Oracle



  • Cash: $93
  • Reinforced H'levnite Belt