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Wanted! Considered a serious threat: do not approach alone.


This is a Wanted mission for heroes located in the Botanical Gardens of Gotham.


Solomon Grundy battle

A group of players taking on the hulking undead.


Start this wanted mission at the wanted poster in the north west corner of the East End Police Station.

Solomon is an average difficulty bounty kill.

He hits quite hard, up to at least 495 damage, but a level 30 fire tank is possible to outheal his damage and solo him.

The main issue with this fight is the large knockback he does, this can send you very far into multiple mobs within the botanical garden causing some serious issues. You can obviously breakout of this knockback to cut it short, but you'll find yourself with very little power if you do.

Also, Grundy could knock back so hard that he walks too far and his health reset when hit, and the fight had to be started again, so watch out for that.

Barring the massive knockback this fight is pretty standard.