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Wanted: Minotaur is a bounty mission for hero players, accessible via the Wanted Poster in the MPD 5th Precinct safe house. The mission's task is to locate and defeat the Minotaur, a member of Circe's Beastiamorph army.



  • Locate and Defeat Minotaur in Metropolis (1136 xp)


Its long-ranged attack consists of it throwing a large axe at the player, and hits fairly hard and also grounds, but this is reasonably avoidable. However, the attack does not necessary be at the same place of the axe's graphics, so be careful. It also have a charge special attack, but it does not seem to change directions before charge, making it very easy to avoid.

Note that when the player is actively attacking the minotaur, it turns around at the player rapidly every attack; this happens even if it is targeting another player.

It is possible to attract the attention of nearby members of the Bestiamorph Army, but this is rather rare and shouldn't be a concern as long as you don't stray too far.

Sometimes, a player slays the minotaur and even gets the feat for it, but the Bounty remains incomplete.




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