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Virtuous Knight is the Tier 3 PVP Armor for heroes introduced in game update 13 and was purchased with Marks of Tactics (which replaced Marks of Conquest) obtained in Legends PVP, Arena PVP matches, and the Vault.

Since the armor was discontinued after game update 25, the styles were made available through The Vault to allow players to complete the accompanying style feats. The style items may still be available as drops in The Vault during seasonal events.

The costume style is also available as style items for heroes and villains from Lady Shiva in the Archive of Victory of the House of Legends.


Virtuous Knight (Styles)
Pieces Obtainment
  • Virtuous Knight Head Style (head)
  • Virtuous Knight Shoulders Style (shoulders)
  • Virtuous Knight Chest Style (chest)
  • Virtuous Knight Back Style (back)
  • Virtuous Knight Hands Style (hands)
  • Virtuous Knight Waist Style (waist)
  • Virtuous Knight Legs Style (legs)
  • Virtuous Knight Feet Style (feet)

Virtuous Knight (Damage) DPSIcon
Pieces Obtainment
  • -
  • -
Virtuous Knight (Healer) HealerIcon
Pieces Obtainment
  • -
  • -
Virtuous Knight (Tank) TankIcon
Pieces Obtainment
  • -
  • -
Virtuous Knight (Controller) ControllerIcon
Pieces Obtainment
  • -
  • -




The Virtuous Knight's overall color-scheme consists of three colors that can be chosen by the Player in the Style Window. Specific sections of the style's pieces can also be allocated a more specific colour by the Player.

Emblems do not appear on this style.


This is now the feat for the villains that collect this style as well, replacing the reward for collecting Malevolent Knight.


  • Formerly was referred to as "Knight PVP set" in Feats menu, but this has been updated.


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