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Victoria "Vicki" Vale was a local Gotham-based child model who was devastated when a dog in a photo shoot was killed by a camera truck and was simply replaced by a look-alike. She swore that the camera would never again lie because of her and began to learn all she could about photography. Becoming independent, she also began turning down ethically questionable jobs despite pressure from her parents to the contrary. After graduating from Gotham High School, Vale studied photography and journalism at Vassar College before beginning her professional career as a photojournalist.

Working her way up the corporate ladder, when Vale was editor at Vue Magazine she helped form a Committee of Concerned Citizens Against the Batman. In a short span of time, Vale left Vue and took a series of positions as a photojournalist at Gotham View, Gotham Daily News, and Gothamite Magazine before settling a permanent position at the Gotham Gazette.
She later became a co-host of The Scene, a woman's television talk show with Lia Briggs, Tawny Young and Linda Park. She also did on-air reporting for Night News Live before an unknown incident saw her leaving television and returning to work at the Gotham Gazette.


  • Vicki Vale reports on various events across Gotham City through her new show Gotham Now!; Gotham Gazette's live broadcast division. These reports can be collected by obtaining various Player Briefings.
  • Vicki Vale also makes reports from the JLA Watch!, alongside Lois Lane.
  • While reporting on the bottled buildings in south Gotham, Vicki is captured by Gotham citizens converted by Brainiac and about to be placed into a conversion chamber but for the arrival of Batman, who fights off the converted drones and rescues her. Vicki manages to record the entire ordeal for her show.


  • Vicki Vale first appeared in Batman #49 (October, 1948)
  • Vicki Vale is voiced by Lorrie Singer.
  • Vicki won the Press Club's top award for photos of superheroes taken during the Infinite Crisis.
  • Vicki and Lois Lane share a professional, though respecting, rivalry as two honest journalists whose skills in their respective areas in the journalism industry frequently see them competing against each other to scoop major events.
  • Vicki is a descendant of Marcel "The Hammer" du Valliere, a French soldier and one of the few who challenged Ra's al Ghul and his warriors centuries before Batman. Ra's claims that du Valliere stole the woman he attempted to court, which ignited their rivalry.

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