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  • He attacks with stunning melee and item throwing, but he is quite slow and the projectiles are easily dodged. He has a special attack that is a powerful punch that hits over 120 damage. If the player Blocks before he uses the attack, they receive much reduced damage, while Diego takes some damage and is briefly knocked down.
  • He also summons henchmen like Muscles and Razors to aid him, which are potentially more dangerous than he is as Razors could ground a player.
  • A short while into the fight, Nightwing (Hero)/Killer Croc (Villain) arrives to assist the player.





  • He is briefly targetable at the beginning of his entry cutscene. A player with high Combat Rating can instantly KO him before the fight even starts. This will cause him to glitch and despite having no health left, continue to attack while he is untargetable. After a while, he simply disappears.