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Vault Ambush! is a short level 8 mission. When the player reaches level 8 and has completed the Research & Development mission, they will receive a Vault Ticket which grants a visit to The Vault, along with a message from the Ambush Bug. The player must visit the vault, open all presents and exit to complete this mission.


  • Equip, then use your Vault Ticket to teleport to the Vault
"Get anything good? I always hope for argyle socks, but I never get them. Anyway, every day you can use your communicator and check out THE VAULT! Don't be a stranger." — Ambush Bug


Despite this official description, players are not required to consume the one-use Vault Ticket - they could simply access the Vault (multiple times) through the On Duty Menu, with different frequencies depending on game access.


  • 408 XP