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Utility Belt Upgrade (Icon)

Utility Belt Attachments are unique items that, when equipped, increase the amount of trinkets and consumable items the player character can carry.

UBA Tray

Basic Utility Belts can be purchased from the renown vendors located in each Wing (Tech, Magic, Meta) of the player headquarters. Utility Belt Attachments can also be found as rare drops in alerts and raids.

Utility Belt Attachments require the Utility Belt upgrade.


UBA Slot 3 Unlock

When equipped in the trinket slot, a Utility Belt Attachment can offer an additional 2-4 compartment slots with varying purposes; some can be only used for consumable items while others can be only used for trinkets. Higher level Utility Belts will include Wild Card slots that allow the player to equip either a trinket or a consumable.

Some belts also possess locked compartments that can be temporarily unlocked for 60 days with Marks of Victory. Unlocking any slot will cost 5 Marks of Victory.

Attuned gear from more recent episodes, both normal and event versions, have all four slots as Wild Card and permanently unlocked.


  • Physician's Utility Pouch
  • Precise Combatant's Case
  • Precise Enforcer's Container
  • Precise Soldier's Container
  • Precise Tech Case
  • Protective Parademon Utility Belt
  • Protector's Electrofused Utility Belt
  • Protector's Malignant Utility Belt
  • Protector's Storage Pouch
  • Protector's Utility Case
  • Reconnaissance Blitz Kit
  • Reconnaissance Heavy Kit
  • Reconnaissance Medic Kit
  • Reconnaissance Tactical Kit
  • Recruiter's Utility Belt
  • Regulator's Mechanized Holster
  • Regulator's Utility Case
  • Reinforced Architect's Trinket
  • Reinforced Architect's Utility Belt
  • Reinforced Architect's Utility Pouch
  • Reinforced Doctor's Utility Belt
  • Reinforced Fighter's Gizmo
  • Reinforced Fighter's Utility Belt
  • Reinforced Fighter's Utility Pouch
  • Reinforced Guard's Gizmo
  • Reinforced Guard's Utility Belt
  • Reinforced Interplanetary Pocketed Belt
  • Reinforced Mender's Gizmo
  • Reinforced Mender's Utility Belt
  • Reinforced Sentinel's Utility Belt
  • Repulsive Parademon Utility Belt
  • Restorative Parademon Utility Belt
  • Restorative Wingman's Utility Belt
  • Ritualist's Malignant Utility Belt
  • Ritualist's Utility Case
  • Savvy Wingman's Utility Belt
  • Sawbone's Medico Container
  • Schemer's Utility Kit
  • Scout Blitz Kit
  • Scout Heavy Kit
  • Scout Medic Kit
  • Scout Tactical Kit
  • Sentinel's Tech Canister
  • Sentry's Utility Equipment
  • Shaman's Medicine Pouch
  • Shaman's Utility Gear
  • Shaman's Utility Pouch
  • Shock Trooper's Blitz Kit
  • Shock Trooper's Heavy Kit
  • Shock Trooper's Medic Kit
  • Shock Trooper's Tactical Kit
  • Soldier's Complex Utility Belt
  • Soldier's Utility Container
  • Soldier's Utility Pack
  • Soothing Inertron Utility Belt
  • Soothing Initiate's Utility Belt
  • Spiked Soldier Pack of Cunning
  • Spiked Soldier Pack of Fearless
  • Spiked Soldier Pack of Remedy
  • Spiked Soldier Pack of Trauma
  • Stalwart's Divinity Utility Belt
  • Standard-Issue Belt Pouch
  • Starro's Clasp of Omnipotence
  • Steadfast Initiate's Utility Belt
  • Storage of the Domineer
  • Stout Wingman's Utility Belt
  • Strengthened Brusier's Pouch
  • Strengthened Fighter's Pouch
  • Strengthened Specialist's Pouch
  • Strengthened Surgeon's Pouch
  • Striker's Utility Equipment
  • Subjugator's Tech Container
  • Surgeon's Utility Pouch
  • Surveillance Blitz Kit
  • Surveillance Heavy Kit
  • Surveillance Medic Kit
  • Surveillance Tactical Kit
  • Tactician's Charged Utility Belt
  • Tactician's Electrofused Utility Belt
  • Tactician's Utility Equipment
  • Taskmaster's Utility Band of the Collective
  • Thaumaturge's Revitalizing Trinket Band
  • Thaumaturge's Scouring Trinket Band
  • Thaumaturge's Shamanistic Trinket Band
  • Thaumaturge's Sturdy Trinket Band
  • Tier 1 Utility Case
  • Timeworn Auxiliary Pouch
  • Trooper's Utility Pack
  • Twisted Physician's Utility Belt
  • Unattuned Amplified Utility Belt
  • Unattuned Bone Utility Belt
  • Unattuned Complex Utility Belt
  • Unattuned Deific Utility Belt
  • Unattuned Determined Gadget Strap
  • Unattuned Divinity Utility Belt
  • Unattuned Inertron Utility Belt
  • Unattuned Innovative Utility Belt
  • Unattuned Insect Utility Belt
  • Unattuned Interplanetary Pocketed Belt
  • Unattuned Memorable Mystic Utility Belt
  • Unattuned Nanowire Utility Belt
  • Unattuned Parademon Utility Belt
  • Unattuned Reinforced Utility Belt
  • Unattuned Starro's Clasp of Omnipotence
  • Unattuned Swashbuckler's Utility Belt
  • Unattuned Thaumaturge's Trinket Band
  • Unattuned Underworld Reagent Pouch (Elite)
  • Unattuned Underworld Reagent Pouch
  • Unattuned Wingman's Utility Belt
  • Underworld Reagent Pouch Aeoelus (Elite)
  • Underworld Reagent Pouch Aeoelus
  • Underworld Reagent Pouch of Adrestia (Elite)
  • Underworld Reagent Pouch of Adrestia
  • Underworld Reagent Pouch of Aeneas (Elite)
  • Underworld Reagent Pouch of Aeneas
  • Underworld Reagent Pouch of Asclepius (Elite)
  • Underworld Reagent Pouch of Asclepius
  • Unshackled Pack of Adversarius
  • Unshackled Pack of Defensor
  • Unshackled Pack of Imperator
  • Unshackled Pack of Medici
  • Utility Belt of Deterrence
  • Utility Belt of Domination
  • Utility Belt of Invasion
  • Utility Belt of Medication
  • Utility Belt of Omnipotence
  • Vanguard's Charged Utility Belt
  • Vanguard's Mysterious Utility Belt
  • Vicious Rocketeer Pack of Guidance
  • Vicious Rocketeer Pack of Impact
  • Vicious Rocketeer Pack of Mastery
  • Vicious Rocketeer Pack of the Brute
  • Vigilante's Utility Kit
  • Warden's Utility Band of the Collective
  • Warden's Utility Canister
  • Warden's Utility Kit
  • Warlord's Tactical Case
  • Warrior's Assault Container
  • Warrior's Tech Pouch
  • Warrior's Utility Pouch
  • Whirlwind Pack of Destruction
  • Whirlwind Pack of Energy
  • Whirlwind Pack of Lasting
  • Whirlwind Pack of Life
  • Witch's Malevolent Trick Pocket
  • Witch's Manipulating Trick Pocket
  • Witch's Shielded Trick Pocket
  • Witch's Withering Trick Pocket
  • Workhorse's Utility Belt





  • Unlocking a slot with Marks of Victory on one Utility Belt unlocks that slot for all Utility Belt Attachments.
  • Although the player gains the effects of trinkets when equipping them in a Utility Belt Attachment slot (e.g. pets, transformation, etc), the player does not gain the stats that they would had they equipped it in the normal trinket slot.
  • For Combat Rating calculation, the highest equipped trinket counts, no matter if that is the utility belt itself or another trinket within it.
  • Prior to March 31st, 2015, Utility Belt access was included in the Hand of Fate DLC pack. Previous owners of the DLC will retain access.
  • Since game update 73 Utility Belts no longer cost Marks of Victory to unlock their 3rd and 4th slots if present. In addition, most Utility Belt slots are now Wildcards, meaning they can hold either trinkets or consumables.