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Although Trigon's energy remains on our plane, Raven has been freed from his evil influence. Speak to Zatanna in the safehouse.


"Trigon's evil still permeates this plane - but thanks to your courage, Raven has been freed. This fight is far from over. Speak to Zatanna, and I will rejoin you soon." — Wonder Woman
  • Speak to Zatanna

Selectable Reward[]

Weapon Type Name Style
Bow Demonhunter's Aim Amazon
Brawling Silver-Weighted Gloves Sideblades
Dual Pistol Silver-Plated Pistols Plasma Pistol
Dual Wield Abyssal Eye Axes Eye Axe
Hand Blaster Smoldering Hellblasters Plasma Gauntlets
Martial Arts Claws of Zinthos Traditional Katar
One-Handed Ancient Demonhunter's Axe Primitive Axe
Rifle Demonhunter's Shotgun Heavy-Barreled Sniper Rifle
Shield Timeshifted Bulwark Multi-Plated Shield
Staff Linkstaff of the Abyss Link Staff
Two-Handed Demonhunter's Mallet Spike Hammer