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For the mission for heroes, see Trigon's Blood (Heroes).''

Trigon's Blood is a level 6 mission for magic villains, starting automatically upon completion of Rare Blood. It begins in Sentinels of Magic Base and it takes place in the Chinatown district of the city of Metropolis. Trigon's Blood is part of the Sins of the Father story arc.


New magic villains sent by Circe drain essence from the innocent citizens. Using the essence, they get into Sentinels of Magic Base and steal the Eye of Sin.


Part 1[]


"You now hold the Eye of Sin. Use it to corrupt mortal souls into Wrath Demons... and tip the balance in Chinatown back to us, where it belongs." — Circe


  • Travel to Chinatown Magic Festival
  • Use Eye of Sin on festival patrons to turn them into demons (0/6)
  • Defeat Sentinel Vanguards (0/3)

Part 2[]


"I do adore Wrath Demons. So strong, and yet so stupid. Impose your will on them and direct their rage at the Sentinel Stronghold!" — Circe


  • Use portals outside the Sentinel Base to summon Demon Allies (0/3).
  • Help the demons defeat and feed on Sentinels to assault the base. (0/5)


"Wrath Demons? Niiice. Call me when Sloth and Gree show up? Now those are my kinda guys." — Calculator


The mission zone for the first part of the mission is South Market District. While the second part takes place near the entrance of the Sentinels of Magic Citadel.



Upon completion, Reign of Blood in automatically started.


  • The final battle against the hordes of Sentinels is relatively difficult. Use up all the portals to summon Wrath Demons before going into combat. Their numbers would soon diminish; retreat and wait for the portals to respawn.


  • Cash: $42
  • Mission Reward Box
  • 933 xp upon completion of each of the four objectives and 935 xp upon completion of the mission itself (level 6)