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The Toyman is Winslow P. Schott, a genius inventor and criminal mastermind who uses crafted toy-based or toy-themed devices and gimmicks to aid in his various crimes.   


Winslow P. Schott was only a small boy when he made his first toy, a balsa-wood airplane painted blue and red. Another boy stole the plane, an act that had a profound effect on Winslow and may have ultimately driven him to use toys to rob others. When he grew up, Schott created some of the most amazing toys ever conceived, for which he received widepread acclaim. However, LexCorp's acquisition of Schott's toy company left him jobless and burning for revenge against LexCorp's owner, Lex Luthor.

Schott's failed attempts to kill Luthor with various lethal toys eventually led to an association with Intergang and a criminal career as the Toyman, becoming an adversary of Superman.

Alternate Future[]

In the alternate future, Schott was killed alongside the Prankster during an explosion in the LexCorp Tower that Lex Luthor used to frame Superman, who was losing control of his powers due to Brainiac's Exobytes.



  • Heroes at level 30 encounter some of Toyman's creations at his prison on Stryker's Island as part of the daily missions.



  • Toyman first appeared in Action Comics #64 (September 1943).
  • Toyman is voiced by Matt Hislope.


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