Toxic Trouble is one of the daily missions for heroes in the Ace Chemicals Clean Up Effort set. It requires Home Turf episode access and a combat rating of 70+.


Due to the extreme environmental hazards in the area, the Ace Chemicals facility itself is at risk. Help Steelworks and Envirotech clean up the toxic waste and safeguard against additional spills.


  • Locate and speak to HAZMAT Williams
  • Put on the provided HAZMAT Suit
  • While wearing the HAZMAT suit, find and patch holes in the pipes
  • Eliminate Volatile Chemlings that walk on the pipes
  • Locate and speak to HAZMAT Williams
  • Pick up the Cleanse Rifle
  • Find a way to get on top of the large northern pipes
  • Use the cleanse rifle to clear out mutated birds
  • Locate and defeat the giant mutated bird known as Chemicrow
  • Return to the Steelworks Communication Foreman near Ace Chemicals


* No direct combatants, but possible encounter




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