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The Titans Tower is a T-Shaped steel and glass structure located just off San Francisco Bay in San Francisco, California, on Titans Island.

Built to act as headquarters and a place to retreat to for the Teen Titans, the Tower was designed and built by Cyborg. In exchange for performing various tasks, the city of San Francisco funded the tower's construction with the input of various people from Silicon Valley.

In addition to providing residential services, the tower also offers training facilities, science laboratories, vehicle garages and educational seminars overseen by the group's senior members.


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  • Titans Tower as it appears in DC Universe Online is a combination of the Titans Tower that first appeared in Teen Titans #1 (2003), the Titans Tower that first appeared Teen Titans #5 (2017), and the Titans Tower that appeared in the television shows Teen Titans (2003) and Teen Titans Go! (2013).

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