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Fascinated by tops, gyroscopes and all spinning things, Roscoe Dillon became the costumed criminal known as "the Top"; capable of spinning at great speeds.

It was later revealed that Barry Allen had Zatanna tamper with the Top's mind, turning him into a hero, after the Top had gone on a murderous rampage and Allen believed that this was the only way to stop him from causing more harm. As a hero, the Top went insane over the guilt of his earlier deeds and, after Wally West had Zatanna restore the Top's mind, the Top revealed that when he had been a hero he had attempted to reprogram many of the other Rogues into heroes as well, including the Pied Piper.

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  • The Top first appeared in Flash #122 (August 1961)
  • The Top appears near the front entrance of the Science Spire's courtyard.
  • The Top joined the Black Lantern Corps after his death.
  • The Top was murdered by Captain Cold.
  • Due to his increased intelligence whilst spinning, The Top invented a device that could have destroyed half the world if the Flash didn't interfere.

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