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The Rogues are a loose criminal association whose members have opposed various versions of The Flash during their careers.

An unusually social group in comparison to other villain associations, the Rogues maintain a code of conduct as well as high standards for acceptance. Originally, the association came about after Captain Cold and the Trickster escaped prison on the same day to commit the same crime. Although they initially had no intention of combining forces, they found that they made a good team, especially since they were facing two Flashes, Flash (Barry Allen) and Flash (Jay Garrick). Thus began a series of frequent partnerships among the Flash's foes, eventually evolving into a supportive association between the criminals.


The Rogues play a major part in the World of Flashpoint episode.



  • As a supporting Faction member, Villains can gain trust with the Rogues through completing certain missions or collecting Bounties and gain access and stuff to rare and powerful items and equipment from Rogues Vendors.
  • Villains can obtain the Rogues Logo as an Emblem if they have full Trusted renown with the faction.





  • The Rogues first appeared in The Flash #155 (September 1965)
  • Led by Captain Cold, the Rogues have a strict moral code which members are expected to follow: No Rogue may inherit another Rogue's identity while the original still lives. No members can do drugs, and No killing "speedsters", "capes" or women and children.
  • The Rogues are opposed by the Flash Family.


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