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"Look at all there party crashers! Ugh, there's more cops here than at a donut convention! Get to Harley and take out boy Blunder. The place is filled with all sorts of Jokerized goodies, help yourself! Ha ha ha ha!"—Joker

The Last Laugh is a mission in The Last Laugh story arc provided to low level Villains.


The GCPD are doing a raid on Joker's hideout the Amusement Mile. Batman has sent Robin to capture and interrogate Harley Quinn, who is hiding within the funhouse. The player must help take down the cops and rescue Harley from being arrested.


"Well, win some, lose some. So Robin escaped? Ha ha haaa!!! If I could only be there when Bird Boy shows Batman my 'secret formula'... for lemonade! The real deal's safe in my skull, and believe me, nobody wants to get in there! Haaahahahaaa!" — Joker

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