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The Hunt for Grodd is a mission unique to heroes that selected Superman as their Mentor at character creation. It is automatically granted to characters following the completion of the mission He Wants a Devolution; The Hunt for Grodd takes place in the Little Bohemia district of the city of Metropolis, in the instance known as Gorilla Grodd's Lab, and is part of the Story Arc Survival of the Fittest: Episode 1.


While S.T.A.R. Labs and the heroes of Metropolis fight Grodd's gorilla army in the Little Bohemia district, the Flash managed to locate the simian mastermind's command post. He infiltrated Grodd's Lab, but communication with the Flash has since been lost. He may need a hand in order to put a stop to Grodd's plans for the city.


"Break into Gorilla Grodd's hidden Lab to rescue The Flash and take down Grodd."



If the player leaves the lab, all guards respawn. They don't, however, if the player is knocked out, because they escape to the entrance without leaving.

When you talk to The Flash, the door locks behind you. You cannot smash the controls before talking to him. If you try to get near Grodd before freeing The Flash or defeating Grodd's wave of devolved citizens, his energy shield would throw you away.

Grodd would first summon several devolved citizens to attack while he remains within the shield. Players are strongly recommended to hang back near the locked door - the devolved citizens may not notice you and only chase The Flash, who would eventually defeat them all. This is extremely helpful as players may lose half their health against them if attacking head-on, which is detrimental to the chances of beating Grodd.

Any items brought into Grodd's chamber vanishes when the fight starts.

Grodd attacks with powerful melee attacks and energy beams that draws the players in. He would sometimes use a "Rage" attack and launch a number of purple energy balls that may trap the player if they come into contact while dealing small, rapid damage. Grodd is invincible while using the Rage attack, so devote your effort to avoiding the purple projectiles. "Charge" attack knocks the player down, and may ground a flying player.

If the player is knocked out during the fight, they flee to the entrance of Grodd's lab and have to start all over.

Rarely, the Grodd would knock out the player but The Flash would continue to battle Grodd. In this case, simply wait for The Flash to finish him off.


Oracle: "Nice work! Head back to the police station and talk to the Flash. Trust me: he's going to get there first."