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The Green is an elemental force that is associated with and connects all forms of plant life on Earth.

At the beginning of creation, the master of the forest lords, Sila, seeded the planets with potential for life. In the Sol system, the seeds took root on three different planets: Earth, Jupiter, and another which has since been destroyed.
On the doomed planet evolved a collective fungal consciousness who thrived on the frequency of The Grey. On Earth, plants evolved through The Green.

Though The Green and the other elemental forces that eventually found their way to Earth (The Red [land animal life], The Clear [aquatic life], The Grey [fungal life], The Word [spiritual life], The Black [death and rot of life]), coexisted in relative peace for a time, the dawn of man and its potential for destruction led The Grey to tempt them with fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. The result prompted a war between The Green and The Grey; a war which forced the Parliament of Trees to leave the Garden of Eden after it became consumed in what would become the Ice Age.
Since that day, flora and fungi continued to coexist as the result of a compromise that sees them constantly attempting to gain supremacy over the other.


  • When Poison Ivy attempts to overrun Gotham City with her modified plant-hybrids in Springtime, Swamp Thing takes affront to her "perverse" creations and summons New Heroes to help stop her while she summons New Villains to further her goals.




Affiliated Allies




  • The Parliament of Trees is a group mind of plant elementals formed to protect The Green. The Parliament selects an elemental to act as guardian for each generation. The current guardian is Swamp Thing.
  • Almost every plant elemental that ever lived has gone on to join the Parliament.
  • The Red and The Green have been allied in battling against The Rot, also known as The Black, for all time. Both have turned to humans to be their champions in such matters as they are the most resilient to it.
  • Solomon Grundy is purportedly connected to The Green, but he is tainted by aspects of The Grey.


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