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The Demon Inside is a mission in The Demon Inside story arc provided to low level meta and magic villains.

Trigon's hold on Raven is slipping. Fight your way past the Titans in the station to get to Raven and bring Trigon's evil fully into this plane.


Trigon's forces find their way to Earth and end up attacking the Tomorrow District. He even takes control of Raven to destroy the city and captures the other Titan members Cyborg, Starfire, Nightwing, and Donna Troy while corrupting them. Help Trigon to find a way to break his prison and attempt to take over Earth.


"Why has Trigon's full energy not come to this plane?! The witch Raven must be resisting her father's commands, wih the help of her allies the Titans. Go, enter the station, defeat all you find inside, then invade Raven's soul to let Trigon triumph!" — Circe


  • Donna Troy could be quite difficult at this level. Picking off the science police before you enter the room would make it a lot easier. There is a healing barrel on the east side of the room, just north of the door.
  • Try your best to protect the demons you release, as they would prove invaluable allies against Cyborg.
  • Tommy Gunn, who starts the freelance mission Science of Crime, is near the entrance of the headquarters.

Non-Player Characters[]




  • 45 Cash