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The Demon's Pit is a Tier 3 Duo in Episode 18 released on November 4th, 2015.

Continuing right where The Flash Museum Burglary left off, your allies have continued to investigate just what the League of Assassins' real motive is, but a blunder has turned their fact-finding mission into a rescue operation, and it's up to you.

Access to the The Demon's Pit Duo requires a Combat Rating of 100. The Duo rewards 2 Source Marks. The Demon's Pit is part of Episode 18 together with Blackest Day.

In-Game History[]

The League of Assassin's sudden interest in Central City has drawn the concern of both the Justice League and the Society. During a scouting mission-gone-wrong, your allies have been captured and strung up above the Lazarus Pit! Will you be able to rescue them before they become indoctrinated into Ra's al Ghul's army and forced to serve his plan for a "better world"?


  • Ressurrected Flash (heroes only)
  • Ressurrected Green Arrow (heroes only)
  • Ressurrected Wildcat (heroes only)
  • Deranged Deathstroke (villains only)
  • Deranged Heat Wave (villains only)
  • Deranged Grodd (villains only)

The enemy combat rating is 146.


Map - League of Assassins Stronghold.png



Briefings and Investigations[]



  • No Stone Unturned: During the Demon's Pit Duo, locate and defeat all enemies in the League of Assassins Stronghold (10 Points)
  • Put a Lid on It: During the Demon's Pit Duo, prevent the magic vases in the final fight from becoming fully active (10 Points)
  • Elemental, My Dear: Complete the Demon's Pit Duo, disarming every one of the Nature, Fire, and Storm Alchemist's Bombs before they trigger (25 Points)
  • Snake Charmer: During the final fight of the Demon's Pit Duo, defeat your enemy without allowing more than 6 snake vases to be destroyed

Heroes only[]

  • Combination Plotter: Defeat your deranged allies during the Demon's Pit Duo in the following order (25 Points):
    • Wildcat, The Flash, Green Arrow
    • The Flash, Green Arrow, Wildcat
    • Green Arrow, Wildcat, The Flash

Villains only[]

  • Combination Plotter: Defeat your deranged allies during the Demon's Pit Duo in the following order (25 Points):
    • Heat Wave, Gorilla Grodd, Deathstroke
    • Gorilla Grodd, Deathstroke, Heat Wave
    • Deathstroke, Heat Wave, Gorilla Grodd



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