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Little is known about the French scientist and criminal genius known as the Brain. Before his death, the scientist experimented on a captured African gorilla and gave it a near-genius intellect. When the scientist died, the ape, named Monsieur Mallah, removed the man's brain and put it in a receptacle connected to a vast computer network. The scientist, now called the Brain, set up the villainous Brotherhood of Evil to further his goal of world conquest.


  • The Brain, along with Monsieur Mallah, is an iconic villain who appears at various locations in Metropolis as part of the More Than You Can Chew and Fanboy feats. If a hero encounters him he will knock them back and then leave, if a villain encounters him he will make a comment and then disappear.


  • The Brain first appeared in Doom Patrol #86 (March, 1964)


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