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Defeat Trigon's sins and absorb their power to prove yourself to Brother Blood.


  • Travel to Robinson Park and enter the portal at the Forum of the Twelve
  • Follow Brother Blood's instruction to pass the tests and prove your worth
"So a little background on all the demonic power you just, ah, ate. Trigon's spawn all manifest one of the seven deadly sins. Trigon can draw upon that energy to rise, and then - well, all Hell breaks loose. Go get 'em, kid." — Calculator
  • Reach the Pillars of Hades in the Robinon Park area of Gotham
  • Locate the Obelisk in Robinson Park to transform into a Greed Demon
  • Begin your ascent by standing on the platform near the Greed Obelisk in Greed Demon Form
  • Return to the Obelisk in Robinson Park to renew your transformation as a Greed Demon
  • Acquire Gems of Greed scattered upon the Pillars as a Greed Demon (0/40)
"Greed, check. Gluttony next. You get to do all the fun stuff." — Calculator

Freelance mission[]