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It's the season of love and the Olympian goddess Aphrodite has staged a battle to see whether Circe-like Scorn or Wonder Woman-like Devotion will rule the human hearts in the months to come. Choose your side and triumph in the name of love.




The Temple of Aphrodite is a level 30 event, part of the Valentine's Day Event. The alert consists of a single symmetrical arena, with the aspects of Scorn and Devotion battling for dominance. Starting out, the players must choose which side they will be fighting for. This choice is there for feat purposes and has no impact on gameplay. After a side is chosen, talk to Aphrodite to begin the alert.


To complete the event, players must carry the enemy side's Hearts to their fountain to convert them. The enemies themselves consist of constantly spawning imps or cherubs that will attempt to convert the players' side Hearts. The objective is to gain a significant lead of approximately 20 Hearts. Progress can be tracked via the aspects' fight in the middle.


Players may use their fountain to transform into an Imp or Cherub. While in this form they are given flight, a bow with limited combos and 3 abilities:

  • Consume Heart - consumes all nearby floating purple hearts. This provides a flight speed boost and 10% Supercharge
  • Heart Nova - instantly kills all enemies in a small AoE, 25% Supercharge cost. Note: transforming drains the Supercharge meter
  • Turn Back - removes the transformation

The transformation isn't required to defeat the alert.


Players may receive loot once per day.

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