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Watchtower teleporter

A teleporter in the Watchtower.

A Teleporter, or Transporter, is a technological device which enables the ability to transport objects over great distances instantaneously.

Police Station teleporter

A teleporter in a police station.

In some cases the physical object is scanned or disassembled at the point of departure and transmitted over a distance to be reassembled at the point of arrival. In other cases, such as "window teleporters", the technology creates a "spatial remapping" whereby a distant location is remapped to be accessible simply by walking through a "window" or "wall" produced by the teleporter. Another instance makes use of the wormhole theory where a device creates a fold or bridge in physical space to shorten travel time between locations.

Since game update 35 the teleporters in Gotham and Metropolis can now teleport players to any wing of Watchtower/Hall of Doom and other Safe Houses. The teleporters in the Watchtower/Hall of Doom remained specific, however. That was changed with game update 94 when all headquarter teleporters became multi-destination Teleportation Hubs too.


  • In order to access certain locations in DC Universe Online, the player must enter yellow "teleporter" objects located in front of a location's entrance (be it a door, hole, water, etc).
  • In order to travel to either the JLA Watchtower or the Hall of Doom, both Hero and Villain factions use teleporters as their means to provide access to these secret locations while keeping them effectively secluded.
  • Teleportation is also used by the factions to send their members to locations for Alerts and Raids.
  • The police stations and nightclubs in Gotham and Metropolis have vendors selling consumables to teleport back to them.
  • For player bases the Amenity: Teleporter is available from the marketplace.


  • Teleportation is a common ability for Magic users such as Raven, Zatanna or Circe where, through the use of arcane manipulation, they can achieve the same results as a teleportation device or science.


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