Teekl is the feline familiar of the Witch-Boy, Klarion Bleak.

Capable of transforming into a human-sized were-cat, Klarion needs Teekl to exist on Earth's plane; with Teekl acting as a magical anchor for the alter-dimensional Witch-Boy.

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  • Teekl appears as part of the The Witching Hour Halloween Event. While the player is unable to target or damage her, Teekl gets involved in combat. She interrupts channeled attacks, and knocks items such as health barrels, ecto-extraction charms, and crystals out of players' hands.
  • Teekl appears as a base item pet first obtainable during the 2016 The Witching Hour Halloween Event.

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  • Teekl first appeared in The Demon #7 (March, 1973)
  • Teekl's appearance is based on its appearance in the Young Justice television series.
  • Teekl's gender is largely unknown, while Teekl was originally depicted as female in her first appearance, following a reboot in 2005 Teekl was said to be male.
  • Klarion and Teekl are capable of becoming a Horigal; a monstrous gestalt form of a Witch-boy and his familiar.


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