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A Team Role, or Combat Role, is a "battle mode" that boosts specific combat attributes for your character and group.

A player will always be in a Role, the default and starting Role being Damage. The other Roles are Tank, Healer, and Controller, available to players with certain powers at level 10 and above.

A player may change their current Role when out of combat, by pressing the "T" key. On the PS4 or Xbox One this can be achieved by pressing "UP" on the D-Pad and selecting change role.

Certain pieces of equipment require the Player to have a certain Role available for them to be equipped. That does not need to be their current role - for example, an Ice player, who could change to the tank role, could wear an item requiring tank role even when they are in damage role.


  • Tank: This role generally focuses on keeping the group safe by attracting opponents and taking damage in place of other group members.
  • Damage: This role generally focuses on dealing damage to enemies and completing objectives.
    • All Power Sets have the Damage Role available.


  • Changing roles, or attempting to do so, will turn off your Movement Modes although you can immediately reactive it.
  • Each role has a color which symbolizes it. Certain game mechanics use this color scheme. Blue: controller, green: healer, yellow: tank and red: damage.