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A player using Taser Pull.

Taser Pull is a Gadgets power that becomes available at Level 1.


Throw a taser line around your target, electrically discharging it to damage surrounding enemies, and then pulling it toward you.

Power Interactions : Electrifies enemies, making them vulnerable to electric effects.
Dazed enemies take additional damage.
Frostbitten enemies take additional damage.


Cooldown: 0.5s
Power Cost: 100

Legs Equipment Mods[]

Legs Equipment Mods are available for this power:


Taser Pull can be used to set up Cryo-field, Cryo-Foam, EMP Pulse, Fear Gas, Implosion Mine, Paralyzing Dart, Sticky Bomb, Suppressor Turret for additional damage.
Cuff'Em, Holographic Decoy, Stealth, Neural Neutralizer, Cryo-field, Cryo-Foam and Implosion Mine can be used to set up Taser Pull for additional damage.