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Tala is a demoness and mistress of her own part of Hell, whose motives reflect such origins, as she is known for either trying to doom mortals' souls to ruin or aiming to unleash apocalyptic evils upon the world.

As the self proclaimed "Queen of Evil", Tala is a highly powerful and gifted sorceress, a constant opponent of the Phantom Stranger, whom she has tried to destroy and/or seduce also on various occasions.


Tala was unleashed upon Earth during a dark ritual in Haiti thanks to Dr. Thirteen's blunder while trying to "expose" her existence as a hoax. As soon as Tala was released on the world, she started wreaking havoc. Her actions led her to New York City, where she was momentarily stopped by the Phantom Stranger. Afterwards, she had other encounters with the Stranger, but she never came out victorious, unless she decided to indirectly assist Stranger on his quests.

Eventually, Tala revealed herself as the leader of the Dark Circle, a secret cult that sought to take over the world by evil means. As the Dark Circle's plans were constantly thwarted by the Phantom Stranger, Tala decided to unleash the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse on Earth to bring death and destruction. Her evil plan, however, was thwarted once again by the Phantom Stranger, assisted by Tannarak, who sacrificed to save the Phantom and caused Tala to fall to her apparent demise.

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  • Doctor Fate employs a task force of heroes to stop Tala from creating an army of magical monsters from the chaos consuming Gotham City.



  • Tala first appeared in Phantom Stranger #4 (November–December 1969)
  • Tala is voiced by Hadley Eure.
  • Tala is a former apprentice to the sorcerer Felix Faust, and is an accomplished practitioner of the arcane arts (magic) with a taste for men of power, wealth and influence.
  • Her actions have often caused her to confront the Phantom Stranger, turning their interactions into a long-time enmity and occasional attraction.
  • Unlike most magical users in the DC Universe, Tala does not need to say her spells out loud, she can cast spells with her thoughts alone.
  • Tala has occasionally waited tables in the nightclub "Bewitched"; a nightclub owned by the sorcerer Tannarak, whom Tala has been romantically involved with. Located in San Francisco the nightclub was reportedly destroyed during the Spectre's rampage against magic during the Infinite Crisis.


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