The TOM-Bot Device is a special event trinket that summons a pet to aid the Player Character.

Designed by T.O. Morrow himself with stolen 25th century technology, TOM-Bot is a superior battle companion, as Morrow himself would tell you. TOM-Bot will entertain you with T.O. Morrow quips, help in fights with a special Quantum attack, and provide a small health buff while active.


The TOM-Bot Device trinket was given to players with Legendary-level access as of December 17th, 2013 as a thank you for their loyalty.

It is available through the marketplace and can be redeemed for every character on the player's account.


TOM-Bot is summoned on activation in addition to a 5% Health buff for 30 seconds. It cannot be used in PvP arenas.


  • TOM-Bot is voiced by Jens Andersen.
  • The image of T.O Morrow on TOM-Bot's screen will always face the player at the computer screen, no matter the angle.
  • One of TOM-Bot's lines "EXTERMINATE" is an allusion to the Doctor Who television series, which features a race of killing machines known as the Daleks whose catch phrase is "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!".


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