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Survival of the Fittest is a meta briefing in the category Episode Briefings. In order to complete this meta briefing, the six part briefings Survival of the Fittest: Episode 1 and Survival of the Fittest: Episode 2 must both be completed.


Mail Messages[]

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from Lois Lane, accessible from any Mail Terminal.

float:left From: Lois Lane Subject: Survival of the Fittest
"Daily Planet News Brief: Gorilla troopers are still being rounded up in downtown Metropolis today, but for the most part it seems as though Grodd's invasion force has been stopped. MPD Captain Maggie Sawyer put forward a good deal of praise for the newest generation of heroes; she used the word 'instrumental' to describe their contribuiton to the effort. For Daily Planet Live, this has been Lois Lane."
Attachment: Journeyman's Wings


This collection rewards the player with the Journeyman's Wings style item (Style: Hawk Wings).