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Player Frame with Supercharge 35% filled

Supercharge builds while performing weapon attacks and increases with each hit level on the hit counter. The Supercharge level persists while changing PVE zones but resets when entering PVP arenas or logging out and back in. It is used to unleash extremely effective powers. The Supercharge level is indicated by a yellow-red bar under the player's blue power bar. A Supercharge ability will have a circle around it indicating the amount of charge needed before it is available. The Supercharge level will build at level 1, but players do not gain access to any supercharge abilities until level 9.

List of Supercharge Abilities[]


A player under the effect of Hibernation, a defensive Ice supercharge power.

Volcanic Calamity

A player using Volcanic Calamity, an offensive Fire supercharge power.

Power Tree Cost Type
Atomic Blast Atomic 5000 Offensive
Energize Atomic 5000 Defensive
Radiation Burn Atomic 10000 Offensive
Mass Density Atomic 5000 Defensive
Sacrifice Celestial 5000 Defensive
Consecrated Ground Celestial 10000 Defensive
Cursed Idol Celestial 5000 Offensive
Life Drain Celestial 5000 Offensive
Earthquake Earth 5000 Offensive
Envelop Earth 5000 Defensive
Entomb Earth 5000 Offensive
Meteor Shower Earth 10000 Offensive
Group Transducer Electricity 5000 Defensive
Invigorate Electricity 10000 Defensive
Megavolt Electricity 5000 Offensive
Circuit Breaker Electricity 5000 Offensive
Eternal Flame Fire 5000 Defensive
Fireball Barrage Fire 5000 Offensive
Reignition Fire 5000 Defensive
Volcanic Calamity Fire 10000 Offensive
Anesthetic Gadgets 5000 Defensive
Asphyxiation Gas Gadgets 5000 Offensive
Battle Drone Gadgets 5000 Utility
Bunker Buster Gadgets 10000 Offensive
Blizzard Ice 5000 Offensive
Deep Freeze Ice 5000 Offensive
Freeze Ray Ice 5000 Offensive
Hibernation Ice 5000 Defensive
Ice Elemental Ice 5000 Shapeshifting
Strafing Run Light 10000 Offensive
Ballistic Assault Light 5000 Offensive
Group Shielding Light 5000 Defensive
Restore Light 5000 Defensive
Bolt Barrage Mental 10000 Offensive
Bastion Mental 5000 Defensive
Mass Hysteria Mental 5000 Offensive
Convalesce Mental 5000 Defensive
Active Protection System Munitions 5000 Defensive
Biggun Munitions 10000 Offensive
Mounted Turret Munitions 5000 Offensive
MRE Munitions 5000 Defensive
Carnivorous Plants Nature 5000 Offensive
Chaotic Growth Nature 10000 Offensive
Insectoid Form Nature 5000 Shapeshifting
Primal Wolf Form Nature 5000 Shapeshifting
Gorilla Form Nature 5000 Shapeshifting
Canine Form Nature 2500 Shapeshifting
Rampage Nature 5000 Offensive
Regeneration Nature 5000 Defensive
Temporal Vortex Quantum 5000 Offensive
Closed Loop Quantum 5000 Defensive
Event Horizon Quantum 5000 Defensive
Oblivion Quantum 10000 Offensive
Mangle Rage 5000 Offensive
Berserk Rage 5000 Offensive
Vindictive Rage 1000* Defensive
Infuriate Rage 5000 Utility
Arbiter of Destiny Sorcery 5000 Shapeshifting
Baleful Transmogrification Sorcery 5000 Offensive
Grand Summoning Sorcery 10000 Offensive
Polymorph Sorcery 5000 Utility
Transcendence Sorcery 10000 Defensive
Call of the Deep Water 10000 Offensive
Whirlpool Water 5000 Offensive
Tranquil Pool Water 5000 Defensive
Flood of Power Water 5000 Utility
Perfect Poise Acrobatics 2500 Defensive
Devastating Flip Acrobatics 2500 Utility
Dustoff Flight, Skimming 2500 Defensive
Vacuum Bubble Flight 2500 Utility
Gale Skimming 2500 Utility
Metabolic Boost Superspeed 2500 Defensive
Speed Drain Superspeed 2500 Utility
Dash Attack Superspeed 2500 Defensive
Word of Power Iconic Powers 5000 Utility
Pheromone Bloom Iconic Powers 2500 Defensive
Clown Box Iconic Powers 5000 Defensive

*Although it technically only costs 1000 Supercharge (and the circle indicator around the ability also indicates so), Vindictive can only be activated when you have at least 2000 Supercharge (as the 1000 per-second cost is also immediately deducted when you activate it).

Supercharge Generator Powers[]

A Supercharge Generator power builds a large amount of Supercharge (estimated 180 per cast, or a bit over 1/56 of the full bar per cast). Power of Aten passive ability from Ally: Black Adam can passively increase the Supercharge gained from Supercharge Generators by 15% - 35%.

Power Set Powers
Atomic Unleash Antimatter
Celestial Sacred Light
Earth Unstoppable
Electricity Static Push
Fire Meteor Strike
Gadgets Stasis Field
Ice Impaling Ice
Light Light Weight Strike
Mental Horrific Visage
Munitions Shrapnel Grenade Launcher
Nature Serpent Call
Rage Relentless Anger
Quantum Anomaly
Sorcery Karmic Suspension
Water Drown


  • A maximum ranked Scrap of the Soul Cloak artifact or the Extended Supercharge tactical chest mod restore a certain percentage of your maximum Supercharge. Scrap of the Soul Cloak also increases the maximum pool and fastens regeneration.
  • Hippolyta's Ambrosia can fully restore Supercharge when used at any Wonderverse area.
  • A maximum ranked Quislet can increase supercharge generation when using a superpower.


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