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A Stun is an effect that temporarily immobilizes a player or an opponent.

Control Effect Stuns[]

Control Effect Stuns are caused by specific active powers, trinkets and consumables.
Control Effect Stuns can be normally Broken Out of unlike Counter Stuns.
Powers that cause additional damage to helpless opponents include opponents affected by Control Effect Stuns.

Opponents in most Level 30 group PVE content have a Dominance requirement that must be met in order to be affected by most Control Effect Stuns.
There are a few active powers that do not require a Dominance check to inflict a Control Effect Stun.
Specific Gadgets, Light, Mental and Quantum powers only cause a Control Effect Stun in Controller Role.

Tanks have group Control Immunity powers that prevent Control Effect Stuns for 3 seconds.

Tank Group Control Immunity Powers[]

Power Set Power
Atomic Neutrino Blast
Earth Soothing Sands
Fire Burnout, Eternal Flame
Ice Shatter Restraints
Rage Ire

Individual Control Immunity Powers[]

Power Set Powers
Acrobatics Perfect Poise
Electricity Circuit Breaker, Invigorate
Flight, Skimming Dustoff
Gadgets Distract
Ice Ice Elemental
Iconic Amazonium Deflection
Light Light Barrier, Restore
Mental Grandeur
Munitions MRE, Survival
Nature Rampage
Rage Infuriate, Mangle
Quantum Closed Loop, Oblivion, Quantum Tunneling
Super Speed Dash Attack, Metabolic Boost
Water Flood of Power

Counter Stuns[]

Counter Stuns, sometimes referred to as Hard Stuns, are caused by successful Weapon Counters such as Blocks, Block Breakers and Interrupts and cause damage based on Precision.

Opponent Counter Counter Example
Blocking Block Breaker Hold Range Attack
Block Breaker attack Interrupt Hold Melee Attack
Lunge or Interrupt attack Block Blocking

Counter or Hard Stuns can NOT be normally Broken Out of.
PVP Breakout Trinkets and specific Usable While Countered powers may break a Hard Stun caused by a Weapon Counter.

Some Usable While Controlled powers that do NOT inflict damage are Usable While Countered including many Damage Prevention Shields.

Usable While Countered Powers[]

Power Set Powers
Acrobatics Perfect Poise
Atomic Density, Energize, Proton Remedy, Mass Density
Celestial Blessing, Sacrifice
Earth Envelop, Gemstone Shield, Soothing Sands
Electricity Group Transducer, Flux, Invigorate
Fire  Burnout, Burning Determination, Stoke Flames
Gadgets Anesthetic, Distract
Ice Hibernation, Ice Elemental, Shatter Restraints, Winter Ward
Iconic Clown Box
Light Group Shielding, Light Barrier, Restore
Mental Bastion, Convalesce, Grandeur, Telekinetic Shield
Munitions  Active Protection System, MRE, Survival 
Nature Canine Form, Gorilla Form, Insectoid Form, Primal Wolf Form, Regeneration, Swarm Shield
Rage Ire, Redirected Rage, Severe Punishment, Vindictive
Quantum Closed Loop, Event Horizon, Quantum Tunneling, Time Bubble
Sorcery Arbiter of Destiny, Boon of Souls
Super Speed Dash Attack, Metabolic Boost
Water Bubble, Flood of Power, Tempest Guard

Weapon Combo Stuns[]

Weapon Combo Stuns are caused by specific Weapon Combos.
Some Weapon Combos only inflict a Stun when the Supercharge bar is full.

Weapon Combos that Stun[]

Weapon Weapon Combos
Bow Flurry Shot
Brawling Double Fist
Dual Pistols Sweep Shot
Dual Wield  Encircling Throw, Stunning Swipe
Martial Arts Cartwheel Kick, Smoke Bomb, Shuriken Storm 

Flurry, Spin Slash

Rifle Rolling Barrage
Shield Leaping Stab, Overhead Plate Smash, Spinning Downward Cross, Two Footed Slam
Staff  Leaping Overhead Strike, Martial Flowers
Gorilla Form Gorilla Rage
Primal Wolf Form Double Slash, Hop Claw

Weapon Combos that Stun only with Full Supercharge[]

Weapon Weapon Combos
Rifle Flamethrower, Surprise Volley 
Shield Sidearm Throw