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A story arc (also referred to as mission chain) is a series of missions, where players interact with iconic DC characters, usually ending in an instance where the main boss of the arc is faced. The arc may include different types of missions: killing X amount of mobs, gathering Y amount of items, completing one or several instances, plus optional side missions. Usually an arc has one or several associated briefings, investigations, feats and headlines.

Story arcs are the oldest, beginner-level narrative gameplay in DC Universe™ Online that largely involve the basic open worlds of Metropolis and Gotham City. They are contrasted with On Duty content, which starts with harder versions of some story arc instances and the rest are more advanced content from episodes, which also have new open world zones.

New Heroes and New Villains share story arcs of the same names, but from a different perspective and taking opposing courses of action, and with different side missions.

A list of story arcs can be found in-game under Deeds -> Feats -> Solo -> Contacts, which lists every side mission associated with a story arc (there is a feat for each story arc, for completing all of its side missions).




  • If the CR 210 Advance is used, all story arcs and their side missions are automatically considered completed. It is unconfirmed, but likely to also be the case for higher CR Advances. It did not appear to be the case for the CR 100 Advance.
  • Names of story arcs are frequently confused with Headlines and missions within the story arc.