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Stompa is a powerful New God warrior and member of the Female Furies; the most feared warriors of Apokolips.

While considered as the "brute strength" of the group, Stompa is one of Granny Goodness' favorite subjects due to her unfaltering loyalty to her.


Combat Statistics[]

  • Stompa (Happiness Home)
  • Stompa (Darkseid's War Factory)


Associated Equipment[]


  • Stompa first appeared in Mister Miracle #6 (January 1972)
  • Stompa's weapon-of-choice are her Anti-Matter powered Gun-Boots; a pair of boots that can unleash a wave of energy through their soles when triggered. These blasts enhanced her already powerful footfalls and enabled her to cause earthquakes if she so wished it.
  • Like Mad Harriet, Stompa usually abstains from the drama that erupts between the members of the Female Furies, though she has shown to argue with Artemiz.
  • As a New God, Stompa is actually colossal in physical size, with the natural size of a New God being multiple times the size of Earth, and uses the Boom Tube technology to rescale herself to mortal proportions when traveling beyond New Genesis and Apokolips.


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