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Sticky Bomb is a Gadgets power that becomes available at Level 5.


Deploy a device that sticks to enemies and detonates, damaging your target and knocking it up into the air. Enemies near your target are damaged as well.

Power Interactions : Dazed, Electrified, Frostbitten, or Burning enemies take additional damage.
Encased enemies are detonated.

Control Role : Reduces the target's damage output.


Controller Debuff
Cooldown: 2.5s
Power Cost: 200

Legs Equipment Mods[]

Legs Equipment Mods are available for this power:


Gauss Grenade, Taser Pull, Napalm Grenade, Thermite Mine, Cryo-field, Cryo-Foam, Implosion Mine, Cuff'Em, Holographic Decoy, Stasis Field, Stealth and Neural Neutralizer can be used to set up Sticky Bomb for additional damage.
In Control role, Sticky Bomb reduces the target's damage output by 10%.


  • Sticky Bomb used to explode several times in rapid succession until it was changed to the current form of having only one hit.