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Stealth is a Gadgets power that becomes available at Level 15.


Cloak your movements in secrecy, enabling special stealth attacks.

Power Interactions : Dazes enemies, making them vulnerable to dazing effects.

Grants Multiple Abilities:

  • Cuff'Em : Slap handcuffs on your target, damaging and stunning it.
  • Surprise Attack : Catch your target off-guard, heavily damaging and knocking it down.


Cooldown: 12s
Power Cost: 300


Cuff'Em, Implosion Mine and Thermite Mine can be used while remaining in Stealth mode.
Stealth can be used to set up EMP Pulse, Gauss Grenade, Neural Neutralizer, Paralyzing Dart, Sticky Bomb, Suppressor Turret, Taser Pull, Thermite Mine and Vortex Cannon for additional damage.
Stealth is removed on zone and is Usable in Combat.
The Improved Stealth Hands Equipment Mod prevents damage, standard control effects and increases movement speed for 2.5 seconds.