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Doused with an experimental chemical in a gang war he was caught up in, high school student Virgil Hawkins gained a variety of electromagnetic powers and became a costumed crusader against crime as the popular teen hero Static. Like most teenage heroes, he is often overwhelmed by the combined responsibilities of his career as a superhero and typical adolescent problems.


Virgil first gained his electromagnetic powers when he hoped to get revenge on a bully at a huge showdown between the gangs of the city Dakota. The authorities arrived and released tear gas with what they believed to be a harmless radioactive marker so that any gang members would not escape arrest. The police did not know the marker had been further spiked with an experimental mutagen called "Quantum Juice" (Q-Juice). This event ultimately came to be known as the "Big Bang." Those that were exposed to the gas came to be referred to as "Bang Babies" due to the event being the origin of their metahuman birth.

When the agency behind the experiment tried to capture him, Virgil fights back, discovering that he has gained the ability to generate, manipulate, and control electromagnetism. Deciding to become a superhero, Virgil names himself "Static" and, armed with his wits and powers, becomes a protector of the city of Dakota.

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  • Static is a bounty for villains, appearing to the west of the Temple of Crime.

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  • Static first appears in Static #1 (June 1993)
  • The character of Static was originally developed for Marvel Comics and was based heavily off of Spider-Man.
  • In the 2001 miniseries, Static Shock: The Rebirth of the Cool, it is revealed that Virgil is into collecting Pokémon cards and he likes Pikachu (the flagship Pokemon of the franchise and a fellow user of electricity).
  • Static is a self-professed geek; he is an avid comic book and video game fan, and regularly visits the local comic store, in addition to creating fan comics with his friends, and participates in HeroClix-style and other tabletop RPG games.
  • Static is a fan of Black Lightning and possesses a poster which he hangs on the wall of his room in Titans Tower.
  • Static uses a trash can lid to fly, and later an aluminum disc.


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