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Stacy's is a North American chain of mid-to-high range department stores headquartered in throughout the country. Its selection of clothing merchandise can vary significantly from location to location, resulting in the exclusive availability of certain brands in only higher end stores. In addition to its New York flagship store, the company has designated additional regional flagships in several other major urban centers, including Metropolis.

The company produces the annual Stacy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, a well known parade which is held on the streets of New York City annually.

In-game Involvement[]

Appearing throughout Metropolis and Gotham City are billboards advertising the company, as well as Stacy's stores appearing in the Cain Street Mall in Metropolis and near the Giordano Botanical Gardens in Gotham.

Associated Equipment[]



  • Stacy's is presumably the DC comics rendition of the real-world U.S. store, Macy's.