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The Speed Force is a form of kinetic energy that can be tapped into to produce super speed in an individual or item.

To physically enter the realm that the Speed Force has developed into, individuals need to reach a speed that exceeds beyond the speed of sound, light and time. Once entering the realm, individuals run the risk of becoming one with the energy due to their speed. Individuals need a "lightning rod" to ground themselves with their original realities in order to ensure their return from the Speed Force.


The energy was developed and first generated by Flash (Barry Allen) as a by-product of his super speed. As the kinetic energy grew every time Allen utilized his abilities, the Speed Force eventually grew into an energy realm where others could tap into and use its energies.

As the Speed Force continued to grow, it eventually became a kinetic wall between the present and the time barrier that allowed access to the past and future. It now manifests as an electrical energy that exists in every dimension, every universe, and every era.


Speed Force map


  • In Flashback, The Flash (heroes) or Professor Zoom (villains) use the Cosmic Treadmill to tunnel through the Speed Force, allowing two players to fight through Paradox Reapers to reach CCPD in the past to stop Abra Kadabra from preventing Barry Allen from becoming The Flash.
  • Origin Crisis


Assoctated Equipment[]


  • Locations of disruptions of the Speed Force (e.g. in the main area of Paradox Wave) may have a unique afterimage trail effect, in which an object leaves a trail of many fading copies of its image, similar to a common glitch in older Windows computers when a program is not responding but is dragged around.
  • The Speed Force serves as the ultimate measure of velocity in the DC Universe.
  • The Black Flash is the representation of Death associated with the Speed Force.
  • 3x2(9YZ)4A=? is the formula that created the Speed Force and, once recited, allows Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle access to the energy.
  • Max Mercury, although he was granted super speed by Native American rituals, tried to find the fuel for his powers and began studying the Speed Force. Though he never quite entered it, his attempts to access it allowed him to inadvertently travel forward through time.
  • The Speed Force is actually split between two charges; positive (generated by Barry Allen) and negative (generated by Eobard Thawne). The positive energy charge is commonly colorized as yellow lightning while the negative energy is red.


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