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Source Marks are a currency introduced with game update 94.

They are the new general purpose currency and replaced the Marks of Victory and several older episode specific tokens with an exchange rate of 1:1. All episode specific tokens prior to The Death of Superman were removed. The exchange only happens for tokens you already have in possession - the tokens in missions and instances are no longer given and no additional marks are given either.

As of The Sins of Black Adam, only the three most recent episodes award episode-specific currency; any of those earned in previous episodes can be 1:1 exchanged to Source Marks, and those episode's rewards can now be purchased with Source Marks.

They are a form of Currency awarded to players though various PvE activities. They are used to purchase all but the most recent Iconic Battle Suits, certain Research and Development materials, Catalyst (Artifacts), Artifacts from John Constantine, Allies, and miscellaneous items.


  • Through Challenges, Duos, Hard Alerts, and Raids
  • Doing event versions of Challenges, Duos, Alerts, Raids, and open world missions from episode content
  • By doing the daily Toyman mission on Stryker's Island
  • Through completing Missions or Briefings found in Hard Alerts: Area 51, ACE Chemicals, Watchtower Containment, Smallville, Strykers Island, and Arkham Asylum
  • Through Bounties
  • Through level 1-30 missions
  • Converted from various defunct Marks

Since the release of House of Legends (Episode), any On Duty instance always award Source Marks, regardless of player CR. Loot locks also does not apply for any instances other than the latest 3 episodes. Therefore, Source Marks can be farmed from most instances for any amount of time. Although player CR is scaled to the content tier, generally low tier content is still easier. However, only the latest 3 episodes also award the same amount in episode-specific currency, which could eventually be 1:1 converted to Source Marks (i.e. those instances essentially give 2x marks).

  • S.T.A.R. Labs Facility is a 1-player challenge (Tier 2) that is extremely easy and fast to complete (completion time can be under 3 minutes) for high CR players and is one of the best ways to grind Source Marks (and generic gear if necessary).
  • Wonderverse: Temples of Source Power (Tier 6) can potentially be even faster due to Platinum Engavings giving +1 Source Marks each, for 3 Source Marks in one run, but requires a lot of investment in the augments and is harder.
  • Fortress of Solitude: Sunstone Matrix is a 8-player raid (Tier 1) that usually takes about 6 minutes to complete and awards 6 Source Marks. It is slightly harder than other options here (especially with players who are not familiar with Kryptonian Medics and yellow Sunstone Sentries which can wipe your team), but nearly half the time is just cutscenes.
  • Doomsday (Raid) (Tier 4) is popular due to its short length and simplicity (Doomsday (Metropolis: Ground Zero) is the boss and the only enemy in the whole raid). It should take about 6 minutes and awards 5 Source Marks.
  • Most other raids (8-player content) award the full 10 Source Marks. However, they are harder and often much longer, with a few exceptions:
    • Necropolis: Relics of Urgrund (Tier 6) is very easy and usually takes ~8 minutes.
    • FP: Flash to the Future (Tier 6) is fairly easy and usually takes ~10 minutes.
    • Ultimate Soldier (Operation) (Tier 4) is potentially very fast (~5 minutes) if you use the fast way, but it is also very difficult. The slow and easy way is too slow to be worth grinding for Marks. See that page for details.
    • Happiness Home (Tier 3) is also potentially sub-10 minutes, but also generally too hard for random teams.
    • Titans: The Machine (Tier 5) is closer to 15 minutes, but is relatively easy. It is sub-optimal, but you'd likely need to queue for multiple raids to be able to get in them more frequently. It also always drops a box that can have up to 3 extra Marks.
    • Honorable mention: SoBA: Rock of Eternity (Tier 6). Being from the most recent 3 episodes, it still has a weekly loot lock. However, it is also a short raid (~10 minutes) that may be a good raid for grinding when episode 47 eventually releases.

Occasionally there are events during which Source Marks earned are doubled, indicated by Source Marks appearing in loot in a second, silvery frame. Only Source Marks given inherently by content are doubled - those possibly appearing in Loot Picker are not. Omnibus bonus Source Marks from Steve Trevor is also doubled.


They are used to purchase Iconic Battle Suits and various rewards from Episode vendors, other than the suits from the 3 most recent episodes, which could only bought with episode-specific currency. When the next episode is released, the rewards from the oldest of the three is changed to be buyable with Source Marks, and their episode-specific currency can be traded in for Source Marks in a 1:1 ratio.

They can also be used at the faction vendors in the Watchtower and the Hall of Doom to buy starter PVE sets (CR 34). Players must have reached the cooperative renown level with a faction to buy its set. If they reach the trusted renown level, they can also buy the faction's emblem for 1 mark. 5 marks can be used to buy Commendations, that will grand 125 renown with that specific faction.

They can also be used in the Lair System to buy the features off the mainframe, after first activating the energy cells.