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Source Marks are a currency introduced with game update 94.

They are the new general purpose currency and replaced the Marks of Victory and several older episode specific tokens with an exchange rate of 1:1. All episode specific tokens beneath the max CR of The Death of Superman (262) were removed. The exchange only happens for tokens you already have in possession - the tokens in missions and instances are no longer given and no additional marks are given either.

They are a form of Currency awarded to players though various PvE activities. They are used to purchase Tier 1 through Tier 9 PvE Iconic Battle Suits, certain Research and Development materials, Catalyst (Artifacts), Artifacts from John Constantine, and miscellaneous items.


Most instances that grant Source Marks has a Combat Rating cap; above that cap, only 1 or 2 marks would be available occasionally.

  • Through Challenges, Duos, Hard Alerts, and Raids
  • Doing event versions of Challenges, Duos, Alerts, Raids, and open world missions from episode content if you are below the minimum Combat Rating required of the normal version.
  • By doing the daily Toyman mission on Stryker's Island
  • Through completing Missions or Briefings found in Hard Alerts: Area 51, ACE Chemicals, Watchtower Containment, Smallville, Strykers Island, and Arkham Asylum
  • The Vault
  • Found in Promethium Lockboxes
  • Through Bounties
  • Through level 1-30 missions
  • Converted from various defunct Marks

Occasionally there are events during which Source Marks earned are doubled, indicated by Source Marks appearing in loot in a second, silvery frame. Only Source Marks given inherently by content within relevant CR window are doubled - those possibly appearing in Loot Picker, which could be available outside the CR window, are not.


They are used to purchase Iconic PVE gear from one of the three origin's vendors. These vendors can be found standing next to a display case showcasing the armor that they are selling.

They can also be used at the faction vendors in the JLA Watchtower and the Hall of Doom to buy starter PVE sets (CR 34). Players must have reached the cooperative renown level with a faction to buy its set. If they reach the trusted renown level, they can also buy the faction's emblem for 1 mark. 5 marks can be used to buy Commendations, that will grand 125 renown with that specific faction.

High-tier Iconic Battle Suits are usually bought with episode-specific currency at release, and eventually changed to be bought with Source Marks. As of Birds of Prey (Episode), Iconic Battle Suits from Justice League Dark (Episode) (3 episodes prior) are the highest tier suits bought with Source Marks - and the latter is also the highest episode with its specific currency able to be traded in for Source Marks in a 1:1 ratio.

They can also be used in the Lair System to buy the features off the mainframe, after first activating the energy cells.