Sonic Shout

A player using Sonic Shout.

Sonic Shout is an Iconic power that becomes available at Level 10. It is based on Black Canary and the Silver Banshee.


Channel a cone of sonic energy to damage and stun your enemies.

Power Interactions : Dazed enemies take additional damage.


Vulnerable to Interrupt
Cooldown: 6s
Power Cost: 150 per second


The Empowered Channeling Hands Equipment Mod removes Vulnerability to Interrupt, prevents standard control effects and increases Defense and Toughness by 5% when using Sonic Shout.
Sonic Cry, Batarang Multi-Shot and Gag Glove can be used to set up Sonic Shout for additional damage.
Deals 4 Ticks of damage.


Black Sonic Shout

Sonic Shout with a black color palette.

  • The color of this power depends on your color palette. The straight lines are based on your secondary color, while the spirals are based on your primary and tertiary colors. However, if the color is black, that part becomes invisible. There are also streaks of lightning that appear regardless of color and what power you have.

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