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Something's Fishy... is a level 25 hero mission started when the player reaches level 22.

Speak to Martian Manhunter in the Chinatown Safehouse.


"This is Oracle. The Atlanteans are swarming in from the sea into Suicide Slums and taking humans prisoner. I'm trying to contact Aquaman, but we can't wait. Speak to Martian Manhunter at the Chinatown Safehouse, he has on-the-spot information." — Oracle
  • Speak with Martian Manhunter at the police station in Chinatown

Upon completion, Fish Food is automatically started.


  • Talking to Martian Manhunter in other locations does not work, not even his holograph in Chinatown.


  • Cash: $21
  • 923 xp upon completion (level 22)